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This year has been dominated by huge news stories that shook the world. This video tries to show how it felt to live through 2011… the year beyond words.

(Warning: Contains graphic images)

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December 13, 2011 at 8:30 am


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Confession time!

I love The Only Way is Essex. I love Made In Chelsea. I cringe throughout both, but it is fun to see overly-priviledged people get stressed about their self-made problems.

Both shows are back on air for new series so I decided to mash them up with some voice-swapping. What would happen if Joey Essex sounded like a cad and the posh types sounded like them people from that county wot’s in the south of Ingland where they drive them white cars and that and go to restaurants and, like, eat and have rows and that and stuff, d’you know what I mean babes…?

It’s already been shared over 500 times, including by Made In Chelsea’s Francis Boulle. The view count is up to 2,400 on day one so I’m hoping this one’s going to grow…

Francis Boulle Tweets Chelsex

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October 4, 2011 at 10:41 am


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Telegraph Hill Logo

I’ve teamed up with some very talented people to start a new company called Telegraph Hill.

We’re working on Hollyoaks, The Fades and The London Pleasure Gardens. KAPOW! Not a bad start, huh?

Much more to come, will update again soon…

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September 25, 2011 at 10:09 pm


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In June I went to the world-famous Glastonbury festival and made this film out of photographs.  It was shot and edited on site within 24 hours before the festival began…


We were there working on several film projects for Shangri-La, part of the the late night area of the festival. This meant six days of the best filmmaking fun of my life but also six muddy days without a shower.


It’s fair to say we all smelled…OF AWESOME.

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August 19, 2011 at 1:40 pm


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Here’s a solid, undeniable fact… people do not express themselves using barbershop often enough.

I actually used to despair in that fact, until I met Barbershopera. These guys are talented. Like, really talented. If I was in charge of Radio 4, 5 Live… actually any radio station where people could speak, I’d get these guys on. Thanks to producer Ben Walker (who co-produced our Doc Brown comedy vids) we collaborated and made a spoof music video in time for the royal wedding. It’s called I Could Have Married Kate and features four dejected people and one horse who thought they had a shot with Kate Middleton… but in the end it just didn’t work out.

The video was featured in The Sun, ICanHasCheezburger CBC Canada, WhatsOnStage, Chortle UK, Chortle Australia,, CurrentTV, Euronews, AsiaOne, Kontraband, Prankies, The Poke, 3 News New Zealand, Stuff New Zealand,, local news in Bolton, Derbyshire, Birmingham, Amersham and Brockley and was played on Australian breakfast TV where they showed the bit with Prince William with a cock and balls on his head LOLZ.

Barbershopera Video on Australian TV showing Prince Williams cock and balls oops

It was a great project, we turned it around really quickly and I can’t wait to do more music video and comedy projects now I’m freelancing full time. The whole thing fell together easily and I’m really proud of what we’ve created.

If you know anyone who needs a director… call me.

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May 3, 2011 at 10:25 am


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A few weeks ago when Charlie Sheen started going utterly batshit crazy I had an idea to dub a scene from Mad Men and make it about him.

Charlie Sheen fired from Sterling Cooper

I wanted the characters to discuss how they’d hired Charlie Sheen as their new creative and it wasn’t quite working out, even bearing in mind his big, if slightly edgy, list of accounts (Vaseline, Durex… Sarah Palin for President).

I’ve done voiceovers before, like the IKEA cats parody, so the aim was to do something a bit different. I’ve always been interested in English-language shows being dubbed in a foreign tongue, ever since I watched a completely incomprehensible episode of Blossom on a childhood holiday to Spain.

Thus a plan was formed… dub the scene in Japanese and make it look like the subtitles are wrong. That way I could say whatever I liked, and even take a pop at Mel Gibson. Zing!

Being in London and finding Japanese spoken words without music and sound effects is actually a lot harder than you might expect. I ended up using iTunes to download Japanese business podcasts, using a different one for each character. I have absolutely no idea what anyone is saying so fingers crossed it isn’t racist.

Charlie Sheen fired from Sterling Cooper for being mental

I would embed the video here, but Lionsgate claimed it as copyrighted material and disabled embedding, before slapping on-screen ads right where the subtitles sit. It’s annoying but I guess it’s part of this transitional phase we’re going through as traditional TV and the internet try to mesh together. I don’t quite understand it… would Lionsgate prefer the show became irrelevant and that no-one wanted to parody, edit, mash-up, remix or generally spread the word about it?

THis post isn’t designed to be ranty, so I’ll keep this brief… I understand companies like Lionsgate don’t want people putting whole episodes online. However, genuine fans (like me) wanting to buy the latest Mad Men DVD legally and GIVE LIONSGATE MY MONEY can’t do so because the DVD isn’t released in the UK for months after the series aired. It’s still not available to buy, over one month after I first looked and many months since it was released in the USA. They could gladly have had my money but turned it down, then disabled embedding and slapped ads on a two minute mash up.

What a crazy world we live in.

Anyway, the bottom line is Charlie Sheen is mad as a fruit cake, Mad Men is an amazing show and making this video made me laugh.

I hope it makes you laugh too.

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March 10, 2011 at 9:47 am


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As a 12-year-old boy making my first animations on my parents’ video camera (a Sharp Viewcam… classic), I never quite thought I’d say this but… I’ve got some animations in a TV show this week.

Secrets of the Universe is BBC Three’s first ever science show. Hosted by a good friend of mine – the hunky, funky science junky that is Mr Greg Foot – the show aims to explain what we’re made of and how we got here. My animations include the title sequence and all the ‘science bits’ throughout the show, and include pipe cleaners, a bedsheet and a tin of tuna.

I can honestly say this isn’t your average science show, so give it a watch if you get chance… this Thursday 4th Nov, 8pm on BBC Three.

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October 30, 2010 at 7:53 pm


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So I’m hanging out the other day doing something totally awesome like skateboarding (a lie) or fighting a panther (another lie) when I think “I’ll check how the IKEA Cats Parody is doing on YouTube” (that bit’s true). Well blimey, it had only been featured by Boing Boing, Laughing Squid, The Awesomer and The Daily Edge and amassed over 20,000 extra views in one day! I was so pleased I did a moonwalk*.

Fast forward to that evening. I’m chatting with David Niven about Hollywood in the 60s* when I receive a YouTube message from an IKEA insider. A BIG IKEA insider no less, one of the top people responsible for marketing the company in the UK and Ireland…

Subject: Love your take on my cats

Hi Barry,

Just a quick note to heap compliments on your parody of my Cats Ad. I’m loving it and can’t understand why you don’t have as many hits as the original.

I have a favour to ask you though, is there a chance you could share the mpeg with me? I would love to make it available on the IKEA intranet for co-workers. And I would also like to include it in our marketing presentations as a fun addition to the entire IKEA cats campaign.

Happy Monday!

“ZOMG!” I thought, “ How brilliant to see a global company with a sense of humour!” David Niven was laughing so much he got brandy in his moustache*.

David Niven was not actually there but it did happen

Our email exchange went on, with the IKEA bod stating “btw, we all love it, creative agency included. In fact, I watched it again this weekend, just for some weekend cheer… I might even be able to get it in front of the board.”

Now here are two ways to look at this situation… You could say I’d stolen footage that I didn’t create, added a piss-taking voiceover, changed the branding and uploaded it to my personal YouTube Channel without permission in order to get a few laughs. This is all undeniably true.

However, the more modern and, in my opinion, much more beneficial approach is what has happened here. IKEA is clearly a huge corporation with a strong enough brand to withstand parody videos like mine. In fact, any discussion, parody or sharing of any kind only increases brand awareness, which is a good thing for the company. They get to show off their sense of humour by allowing it to remain online, and increase views of their brand by 74,000 (at time of writing).

Newport State of Mind

But what’s the alternative? Demanding parodies be taken down is an ugly and highly unpopular act. This is something the music companies are yet to get their heads round, as the Newport State of Mind viral showed earlier this year. After MJ Delaney and friends made the fantastic Jay-Z parody and gathered over 2million views EMI Music Publishing Ltd put in a copyright claim and had the video removed from YouTube. The official line was:

“When a song is created based wholly on any of our writers’ works, those writers need to grant their permission. If that permission isn’t granted, then we ask the service in question to remove the song.”

The online backlash reflected badly on EMI and the established recording industry as a whole, seeming to highlight the archaic way in which they fail to grasp the beauty of the internet.

So fair play IKEA, I tip my hat to you. You’ve passed the test with flying colours by using the internet to your advantage instead of trying to fight it. As such, I’m writing this blog post now, further re-enforcing the positive aspects of the brand and creating more noise for this producer of beautifully designed and innovative homewares which retail at affordable prices and can be found in stores across the country.

Damn, how did that happen? You marketing guys are good…

* – These bits are lies. The rest is true.

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October 20, 2010 at 1:42 pm


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Have you seen the IKEA ‘Herding Cats’ video? They release 100 regular cats into an Ikea store for an evening and it’s complete genius. The cats snuggle up to things, play with things, climb on things, and generally make the furniture look homely before you’ve even got it in your home. Brilliant.

However, it’s also a bit ridiculous, so I’ve made this parody.

It’s the first IKEA Herding Cats parody on YouTube, so if it makes you lol plz retweet and I will give you a high five (in my mind).

Meow Meow Purr-Hiss-Purr Meow and goodnight.

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September 13, 2010 at 2:52 pm


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“Do you mind if i practice my guitar in the meeting room?” said our receptionist at work. “Ummm yeah, go for it, but only if you play us a song at the end of lunch”.

And that was the first time I ever heard Lorna Rose sing.

We all knew that she was only our receptionist to pass the time before going to university. And we knew that she was a singer on the side, but we hadn’t known her well enough to head down to a gig and wave from the back like supportive parents. However, I had no idea Lorna was that good, and by the time she’d finished her rendition of Flightless Bird, American Mouth, I had already decided we were going to make her a video.

By 4pm that day we’d chatted and Lorna said she was really up for it, and was looking forward to having her first music video. By 5pm my cameraman friend Dave White, an old friend I’ve shot with many videos with in the past, was on board, and by the end of the day I’d explained it all to Chellington and she was confirmed as our stylist. We were ready to roll a week later.

On Location at Kenrick Place with Lorna Rose

On Location at Kenrick Place with Lorna Rose

That first performance in the office influenced the look and feel of the video. It was a special, intimate and came out of nowhere, with Lorna barely making eye contact with the handful of people present. In the video we begin by busy Baker Street Tube Station with the sound of sirens and cars going by, before moving to a little oasis of calm a couple of blocks in Kenrick Place, of the many quiet cobbled mews streets in the area. There’s little eye contact with the camera, just a few glances, and the shots are often purposely too close, giving that feeling of intimacy that you only get from being allowed inside someone’s personal space. We also went handheld for much of it, to give a feeling of uncertainty that I think the song is all about. The words “Have I lost you…” somehow feel right when the camera is unsure of itself, so credit to Dave White for his incredible skill.

Dave White films Lorna Rose on the Canon 7D

Dave White films Lorna Rose on the Canon 7D

Chellington did a great job with the styling, working with Lorna’s personal taste to create the look. The sparkles caught the light perfectly and even the lack of the right skirt wasn’t a problem. Chelle was wearing a black vest which she took off, folded over, and low and behold it became the skirt we needed. Talk about resourceful.

Michelle Brennan discussing Lorna's look

Michelle Brennan discussing Lorna's look

Dave and I did try messing about with lights, but in the end it wasn’t needed. The big victorian lantern that sits in one end of Kenrick Place did the hard work for us, and when a car drove by and dazzled the lens over Lorna’s shoulder it looked great. We recorded the sound live on the first take, taking the in sound of the street to make it feel raw and reel. We even entertained a couple of neighbours, with the man who lived underneath coming out to watch Lorna sing while he smoke a couple of cigarettes. Oh, and a doddery posh old chap came back from a boozy night out wearing a tuxedo… That’s Marylebone for you.

Kenrick Place near Baker Street was a perfect setting

Kenrick Place near Baker Street was a perfect setting

So that’s the story of how this latest video was made. If you like Lorna’s fantastic music check out her MySpace for more tracks and information about upcoming gigs.

And if the song sounds familiar that’s because it was originally sung by Iron and Wine in the prom scene in first Twilight film, so if you know a Twilight fan do pass it on…

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September 12, 2010 at 3:02 pm


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